Monday, January 30, 2017

The 2016 David Music Poll Results

The 2016 David Music Poll Results

1)  Beyoncé, Lemonade  (39 votes)
2)  Bon Iver, 22, A Million  (18)
3)  Solange, A Seat at the Table  (17)
4)  Frank Ocean, Blond(e)  (16)
5)  Radiohead, A Moon Shaped Pool (15)
6)  David Bowie, Blackstar (10)
     Various Artists, Hamilton Mixtape (10)
8)  A Tribe Called Quest, We Got It From Here… (9)
      Sia, This is Acting (9)
10)  Car Seat Headrest, Teens of Denial (8)

Runners Up:  With 7 votes . . . Anohni, Hopelessness; Rihanna, Anti; Mitski, Puberty 2.  With 6 votes . . . Kanye West, The Life of Pablo; Angel Olsen, My Woman.  With 5 votes . . . Anderson.Paak, Malibu; Tegan and Sara, Love You to Death; Leonard Cohen, You Want it Darker; James Blake, The Colour in Anything

Notes:  Some years are close. This one was not. You can even see it in the votes for Beyoncé – most of the people voted with her assumed she would be the winner. And indeed, she was. Interestingly, we almost had a one-two punch from the Knowles sisters, with Bon Iver squeezing between them by one vote.  This list marks the fifth one Radiohead has hit since we started in 1999, as well as Bon Iver’s third (one for each album of theirs), and second hits from Sia, Beyoncé, and Frank Ocean. Previous listers Kanye West and Tegan & Sara came close; previous listers Regina Spektor and Lady Gaga were wider off the mark. This year we had 87 respondents, from 89 last year. And for those of you who are curious, as we hit this eighteenth year, there are five people in the mix who have been in it since 1999.  Now, for the individual lists…

I am full of Love and Hate

My Essential Albums of 2017:

1)  Michael Kiwanuka, Love & Hate

I like all the albums on this list about the same, but this is the one that has most consistently blown me away – the others are my kind of thing done well, whereas this is something different from what I usually listen to.  And it’s been easy to recommend it to everyone I know, because I think it’s virtuosity has wide appeal.  And his voice is killer.

2)  Radical Face, The Family Tree: The Leaves

This seemed to be the spiritual cousin to Sufjan Stevens’ Carrie & Lowell, my top album last year.  I keep listening to figure out its stories – and it keeps hold of me every time.

3)  Ingrid Michaelson, It Doesn’t Have to Make Sense

I always feel guilty when bad things happen to good singers (in this case, divorce and death of a mother), and please note that I really have loved Ingrid Michaelson’s albums when she’s been happy, as well. This one is heartbreaking and affirming at the same time – one of those “the only way out is through” albums that completely gets under your skin.

4)  Original Broadway Cast, Waitress

By a long shot, the album I’ve listened to the most this year. At the risk of coming close to a bad pun, this is pure comfort food – and, let’s face it, 2016 required a lot of comfort food.  (Though, like the best diner waitresses, it also has a spine of attitude.)

5)  Regina Spektor, Remember Us to Life

Back to form after some time off, Spektor plays around with her tunes – lots of surprising shifts between and within songs. And “The Light” is the most beautiful song of the year, hands down.

6)  Car Seat Headrest, Teens of Denial

Filling my Adolescent Male Angst slot – this is like turning on college radio, circa 1993, but with a modern flair.  Reality, it seems, keeps biting.

7)  Beyonce, Lemonade

Confession:  I’ve loved some of Beyonce’s singles, but have never really felt strongly about her as an artist – she always was a little too icy for me. But here? She goes all over the place . . . and it totally works. 

My Essential Songs of 2017:
Phantogram, “You Don’t Get Me High Anymore”
Regina Spektor, “The Light”
Ingrid Michaelson, “Light Me Up”
Bastille, “Send Them Off!”
Tegan and Sara, “100x”
Radiohead, “Burn the Witch”
Broods, “Recovery”
Roo Panes, “Little Giant”

Anna Q goes La-La

The La La Land soundtrack.  
Regina Spektor, Remember Us to Life
Lydia Loveless, Real

Daphne B-G Mixes is Up

I finally have something to add- my essential album:
Various artists, Hamilton Mixtape. 

Phil B Surfs Malibu

In order of excellence...

1. Anderson. Paak, Malibu

2. Solange, A Seat at the Table

3. A Tribe Called Quest, We Got it from Here, Thank You 4 Your Service

Daniel H’s Epic List

Kamasi Washington - The Epic
Leonard Cohen - You Want It Darker
Frankie Meyes - Boleros, Valses y Mas

Crissa C Flies Drones

Here's my list:

-- Hopelessness by Anohni is my album of the year.

Single: Drone Bomb Me
(the Park Avenue Armory performance was incredible)

--Bon Iver, 22,  A Million

--David Bowie, Blackstar

--Helado Negro, Private Energy

--James Blake, The Colour in Anything

--Plaid, The Digging Remedy

Scott D is Pro Anti

Hey!  Here are my top three:

1. Rihanna, Anti
2. Frank Ocean, Blonde
3. Solange, A Seat at the Table

Kate W’s Beywatch

Best Album:
Beyonce, Lemonade

10 Best Singles:
Tribe Called Quest, We the People
Radiohead, Decks Dark
Beyonce, Freedom
Anderson Peak, Come Down
Glass Animals, Life Itself
J. Cole, Foldin Clothes
Alicia Keys, In Common (Kaskade Remix)
Bruno Mars, Perm
Joyryde, Hot Drum
Local Natives, Fountain of Youth

Martina B Takes a Seat at the Table

1. Solange, A Seat at the Table
2. Beyonce, Lemonade
3. David Bowie, Blackstar
4. Alicia Keys, Here
5. Carrie Rodriguez, Lola

Steven M Tips His Hat to a Sailor

1. Sturgill Simpson - A Sailor's Guide To Earth
2. Car Seat Headrest - Teens of Denial
3.  L.A. Salami - Dancing With Bad Grammar
4.  Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band - The Rarity of Experience
5.  Emitt Rhodes - Rainbow Ends
6.  William Tyler - Modern Country
7.  Kevin Morby - Singing Saw
8.  Underworld - Barbara Barbara, We Face a Shining Future
9.  Whitney - Light Upon The Lake
10a.  Jagwar Ma - Every Now & Then
10b.  Heron Oblivion - Heron Oblivion

Len V’s Retro List

I don't listen to a lot of contemporary music, so my choices are almost always going to be out of date. In fact, I have a tie this year for #1, which shows just how late to the game I am:

Sufjan Stevens, Illinoise
Bob Marley, Legend

My wife gave me a record player for my birthday last May, so I started buying vinyl (oh what a pleasure to sift through 12 inch LPs again!),  for the first time in many years. These were the two albums I went back to over and over, especially while editing. I guess I like double albums. 

Jordan H’s Grande Gesture

Albums from 2016: all essential 
Ariana Grande, Dangerous Woman 
Beyoncé, Lemonade
Lady Gaga, Joanne 
Cruel Youth, +30Mg

Album from 2015:
Melanie Martinez, Crybaby (still obsessed)

Singles from 2016:
Guys My Age - Hey Violet 
Like This - Jojo
Cool girl -Tove Lo
Read U Wrote U- Rupaul
Milf $ - Fergie
Gingerbread Man- Melanie Martinez

Singles from 2014/2015 (but found in 2016)
Easy -Bonnie Mckee
Fire Rides- Mø

Paul G is Jonesing

(Not technically an album, but the most essential, inspiring sound I heard all year) Bruce Springsteen, Born To Run audiobook

Also great (and proof that I am now a REALLY old man):
Norah Jones, Day Breaks
Sting, 57th and 9th
Bonnie Raitt, Dig In Deep
Beyoncé, Lemonade 
Paul Simon, Stranger to Stranger
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, Skeleton Tree
David Bowie, Blackstar
Leonard Cohen, You Want It Darker
Rolling Stones, Blue and Lonesome
Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, Stranger Things soundtrack

Early entry for 2017 DMP, Category: Sweetest & Saddest Sound: Barack Obama, Farewell Speech

Fiona S Wants to Be in the Room

Various Artists, Hamilton Mix-tape
Andra Day, Cheers to the Fall
David Bowie, Blackstar

And going back
George Michael, Symphonica

Caleb H’s Glass Animal Collection

A lot of these didn't come out in 2016, whoops. I did a bad job keeping current.

1)   Porter Robinson, Worlds
      I've listened to this album more than any other album for sure. While writing, while walking, anything. Not featured on this album was the song Shelter, though, in collaboration with Madeon, which deserves to be mentioned. The Shelter tour was the best concert I've ever been to. 
      PICK A SONG: Sad Machine
2)   Carly Rae Jepsen, Emotion 
      People raved about this last year, I think, but I came to it late and BOY. I don't think I've gone a week without listening to at least one of these songs since I first found it, which might be over a year now.
      PICK A SONG: When I Needed You
3)   Glass Animals, Zaba
      Only discovered Glass Animals a few months ago but they've eaten a lot of my time since then. Amazing.
      PICK A SONG: Black Mambo
4)   Neon Indian, Vega Intl. Night School
      This album is weird and the videos are weird and I can't get enough. I don't have the correct words to describe this album. It's sexy and catchy and full of bizarre samples.
      PICK A SONG: Annie
5)   Glass Animals, How to Be a Human Being  
      See above. I don't get as fully immersed in this album as Zaba, but it's still full of stuff I want to keep listening to over and over.
      PICK A SONG: Season 2 Episode 3
6)   Anamanaguchi, Capsule Silence XXIV Original Soundtrack
      I actually just cracked this open this month and it'll definitely be on next year's list, too. Everything I like about Anamanaguchi's last album ramped way up. There's a song that I'm pretty sure is about Gastly. It rules.
      PICK A SONG: My Heart my Body (the Gastly song is Poisonous Gas, though)
7)   Jukebox the Ghost, Long Way Home (Live)
      I love Jukebox, I've seen them live a bunch of times. The album does a good job encapsulating why I keep going back.
      PICK A SONG: Keys in the Car is the only new song on the album. It's good.
8)   Panic! At The Disco, Death of a Bachelor
      Yeah, yeah. I know.
      PICK A SONG: Death of a Bachelor
9)   Marian Hill, ACT ONE
      These tracks follow a pattern that hooks me every time. Start with a catchy simple melody and then start screwing with it electronically halfway through. It's so so so so good and this whole album is danceable
      PICK A SONG: I Want You
10)  The McElroy Brothers, MBMBaM  
       This should actually probably be #1, but it's not music, it's just the podcast I listened to instead of listening to music for most of this year.
      PICK AN EPISODE: is one of my favorite bits, but there's hundreds of hours of these boys you can listen to. 

Zach F Dives into the Pool

My top 5 from 2016:

1. Radiohead, A Moon Shaped Pool
2. Tegan and Sara, Love You to Death
3. Santigold, 99 Cents
4. Jim James, Eternally Even
5. Beyonce, Lemonade

Brent G, Naturally Blond

1. Frank Ocean, Blond
2. Anderson .Paak, Malibu
3. Billie Marten, Writings of Blue & Yellow
4. Daughter, Not to Disappear
5. Childish Gambino, Awaken, My love
6. Radiohead, A Moon Shaped Pool
7. Yuna, Chapters
8. Gwen Stefani, This Is What The Truth Feels Like
9. Beyonce, Lemonade 
10. Eagulls, Ullages

David A Wishes Upon a Star

In this order, my top 4 records of the year...

David Bowie, Blackstar
Radiohead, A Moon Shaped Pool
Bon Iver, 22, A Million
Daughter, Not to Disappear

David G Makes…

1. Beyonce - Lemonade
2. Chance the Rapper - Coloring Book
3. David Bowie - Blackstar
4. Anohni - Hopelessness
5. Frankie Cosmos - Next Thing
6. Blood Orange - Freetown Sound
7. Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool
8. Frank Ocean - Blonde
9. Rihanna - Anti
10. Kanye West - The Life of Pablo

Favorite tracks of the year:

1A. Beck - Wow
1B. Tyler the Creator featuring Kali Uchis + Austin Feinstein (video version only, different from album version) - Perfect
2. Rihanna - Love on the Brain
3. Kanye West - Ultralight Beam
4. Anohni - Why Did You Separate Me From The Earth
5. David Bowie - Blackstar

Zehava C Knows it All

My two, but I might have been late in the game for both. Still, I like them lots. 

1) Alessia Cara, Know-it-All
2) Scott Helman, Augusta

Matt de la P ranks 22 #1

My faves (no big shockers here):

- Bon Iver - 22, A Million (fucking love this one)
- Radiohead, A Moon Shaped Pool
- Frank Ocean, Blonde

Sean W Sends Word from the Underworld

This year I did actually buy something that resembles the present. So here are my two picks for 2016:

Underworld, Barbara Barbara, We Face a Shining Future
The 1975, I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it

Glenn B Looks Through the Basement

A Weird List for a Weird Year-

Here ’tis-

1) Basement- "Promise Everything”
2) A Tribe Called Quest- “We got it from Here…Thank You 4 Your service”
3) Bob Mould- “Patch The Sky”
4) Kendrick Lamar- "untitled unmastered.
5) Elliott Smith- “Heaven Adores You Soundtrack”
6) Green Day- “Revolution Radio”
7) ”David Bowie- “Black Star”
8) Bruno Mars- “24K Magic”
9) Radiohead- “A Moon Shaped Pool”
10) The Weeknd- “ Starboy”

Stef I Pokes the Animal

Here is my list:

ANIMAL by Big Scary (my number one).

And others on my list:

AWAKEN, MY LOVE! by Childish Gambino
TELLURIC by Matt Corby

Evan W Has More Fun

My albums in order of importance are... Blonde by Frank Ocean; ANTI by Rihanna; A Seat At The Table by Solange; and Views by Drake. It was the year of incredible rap and hip-hop for me!! 

Will W Goes Through Puberty

1. Mitski, Puberty 2
2. Frank Ocean, Blonde
3. Solange, A Seat at the Table
4. Bon Iver, 22, A Million
5. Beyoncé, Lemonade
6. Sia, This Is Acting

SPECIAL ATHENS MUSIC SHOUT OUT: Four Eyes, Welcome to Earth (, contains my favorite song of the year, "St. Francis Loves All the Animals") 

1. Four Eyes, "St. Francis Loves All the Animals"
2. Mitski, "Your Best American Girl"
3. Chance the Rapper, "Same Drugs"
4. Sia, "Alive"
5. Beyoncé, "Sorry"
6. Frank Ocean, "Self Control"
7. Solange, "Don't Wish Me Well" 
8. Bon Iver, "666[upside-down t]"
9. Rihanna, "Higher"
10. Regina Spektor, "Tornadoland" 

Aaron H Loves LA

Favorite albums
1. La La Land soundtrack 
2. LANY - kinda
3. Satin Jackets - Panorama Pacifico

Linas A Walks the Lin

At the risk of skewing your results in a very dorky direction, it's been Lin-Manuel Miranda nonstop since the election for me...

Various artists, Hamilton: The Mixtape
actual Hamilton cast recording
soundtrack to Moana

Jon S’s Bon Mots

The first time I heard 22, A Million, I texted a friend of mine "This new Bon Iver is literally killing me its so good.”

I stand by that hyperbole.

Bon Iver, 22, A Million
Radiohead, A Moon Shaped Pool
A Tribe Called Quest, We Got it From Here...Thank You 4 Your Service
Car Seat Headrest, Teens of Denial
Mitski, Puberty 2
Adia Victoria, Beyond the Bloodhounds
Angel Olsen, MY WOMAN
Minor Victories, Minor Victories
Kate Tempest, Let Them Eat Chaos
Explosions in the Sky, The Wilderness

Collin R, Life of the Party

Andy Shauf, The Party

James Blake, The Colour in Anything
Jessy Lanza, Oh No
Solange, A Seat at the Table
Beyonce, Lemonade
Mitski, Puberty 2
Charlie XCX, Vroom Vroom - EP
Bon Iver, 22, A Million
Carly Rae Jepsen, EMOTION Side B
Frank Ocean, Blond
ANOHNI, Hopelessness
Lucius, Good Grief
Chairlift, Moth
Angel Olsen, My Woman
Blood Orange, Freetown Sound
Cakes Da Killa, Hedonism

Ariana Grande, Into You
PWR BTTM, New Hampshire
The 1985, Somebody Else
Sylvan Esso, Kick Jump Twist
Perfume Genius, Can't Help Falling in Love with You

Emmy L, No Stranger to Paul

Paul Simon, Stranger To Stranger

Matthue R Wants it Darker

Essential album: Leonard Cohen, You Want It Darker

2) Lady Lamb, Tender Warriors Club
3) Bon Iver, 22, a Million
4) Regina Spektor, Remember Us to Life
5) Alexander Hamilton, Original Cast Recording
6) Emmy the Great, Second Love
7) A Tribe Called Quest, We got it from Here... Thank You 4 Your service (their capitalization, not mine)

Best song that might not be a song: Bon Iver, 715 - cr∑∑ks (his capitalization, not mine)
Best album that might not be an album: The Avalanches, Wildflower
Best comeback: Nine Inch Nails, Not the Actual Events. Can I explain this? I really didn't like Hesitation Marks, their "return to form" a year or two ago. I'd just gotten into them, was really needing some unrestrained angry music, and was editing a book from 5 years ago which was ALL FREAKIN' ABOUT angry music and angry sexuality. There was even a chapter called "I Will Make You Hurt," which was ironic, and I really liked it that way. And then they came out with a new album that sounded weirdly peaceful. Loud, but peaceful. These new songs, though. They're tense as anything. They're like the diametric opposite of Xanax. And I am so grateful.

Elisa L Takes a Seat

*Solange/A Seat at the Table

Angel Olsen/My Woman
Steve Gunn/Eyes on the Lines
Wild Nothing/ Life of Pause
David Bowie/Blackstar

Samantha M is on a Quest

1) A Tribe Called Quest, We got it from Here...Thank you 4 Your service
2) The Kills, Ashes & Ice
3) Radiohead, A Moon Shaped Pool

Terribeth S Throws Some Tantrums

Fitz and the Tantrums, Fitz and the Tantrums
1975, I Like it When You Sleep  for You are So Beautiful yet So Unaware of It
Lumineers, Cleopatra
Tegan and Sara, Love You to Death
Head and the Heart, Signs of Light
Saint Motel, saintmotelevision
Naked and Famous, Simple Forms
St Lucia, Matter
Weezer, Weezer
Tribe Called Quest, We Got It From Here, Thank You 4 Your Service

Lance R, Puts One Iver on Us

My prediction is that Lemonade is taking it this year.

But here's my #1:
Bon Iver, 22, A Million

Other 2016 albums I love:
Tegan and Sara, Love You to Death
Beyonce, Lemonade
Original Soundtrack, Moana
Aurora, All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend

2016 singles I love:
Francis and the Lights, "May I Have This Dance"
Empire of the Sun, "High and Low"
The 1975, "The Sound"

Older albums I discovered and loved:
2014: Bleachers, Strange Desire
1998: Outkast, Aquemini

Stephen B Offers Up Hopelessness

I’ve been waiting for this!

1. ANOHNI, HOPELESSNESS (way too fitting for 2016, sadly)
2. Iggy Pop, Post Pop Depression
3. David Bowie, Blackstar
4. Against Me!, Shape Shift With Me
5. Radiohead, A Moon Shaped Pool

[and here’s where I know my list gets too obscure to line up with anyone else’s]

6. Bwana, Capsule’s Pride
7. The Sword, High Country/Low Country
8. Deftones, Gore
9. Pigeonchild, Pray to the Cross in Between My Antlers
10. White Lung, Paradise

And honorable mention/gayest album:

Alaska Thunderfuck 5000, Lil’ Poundcake

Nina G, Livin’ the Life

1. Kanye, The Life of Pablo
2. Chance the Rapper, Coloring Book
3. Rihanna, Anti
4. Beyonce, Lemonade
5. The Weeknd, Starboy
6. Childish Gambino, “Awaken, My Love!"
7. DJ Snake, Encore
8. Angel Olsen, My Woman
9. Phantogram, Three
10. KAYTRANADA, 99.9%

Best new artist: Bishop Briggs

Lauren M and Randy B Team Up and Go All American

1. Gangstagrass, American Music
2. Tall Heights, River
3. Original Cast Album, Hamilton
4. The National, Trouble Will Find Me
5. José González, "Stay Alive"
6. Johnny Cash, "Hurt"
7. Disturbed, "The Sound of Silence"
8. Vance Joy, "Fire and the Flood"
9. Avicii, "The Nights"
10. Tommy James and The Shondells, "I Think We're Alone Now" (slowed down mix)

Stephanie P Looks to the Moon

I only had one essential this year, but I'm happy to add it to your poll!

1) Radiohead, A Moon Shaped Pool

Molly B Lets It Bey

Thanks for doing this -- it's a happy distraction this week. 


1. Beyonce, Lemonade (of course)
2. Jamila Woods, HEAVN (Chicago girl <3 o:p="">
3. Lizzo, Coconut Oil (Lizzo is my happy place)
4. Common, Black America Again (essential listening for the post-election blues)
5. Hamilton OBC (for the second year in a row haha)


1. Bey, Formation
2. Jamila Woods, Blk Girl Soldier (SO GOOD)
3. Lizzo, Good as Hell (the ultimate picker-upper!)
4. Avalanches, Because I'm Me (ditto)
5. Common, Letter to the Free
6. Maggie Rogers, Dog Years (if she puts out an album in 2017, I predict it will be on next year's list!) 
7. Delta Spirit, California (not a new song, but new to me in 2016)
8. Oh Wonder, Without You (from 2015, discovered in 2016)
9. Hamilton Mixtape, Who Tells Your Story
10. Hamiton Mixtape, Satisfied

Special Recognition: 

The Stranger Things theme
SNL, Crucible Cast Party feat. Lin-Manuel Miranda
Pretty much every song from Steven Universe <3 nbsp="" o:p="">

Hang in there in 2017, everyone!!

Jeramey K is Free to Bey

Essential Album:
Beyoncé, Lemonade

Essential Albums Not By Beyoncé:
Glass Animals, How To Be A Human Being
The Kills, Ash & Ice

Songs I couldn't stop listening to after I saw drag queens perform them:
Grace Jones, "Hurricane"
Patti LaBelle, "The Alphabet" 
RuPaul, "Read U Wrote U" (the first 3/4s)

Songs featured in TV and Film that forced me to have feelings:
Nina Simone, "Stars" (BoJack Horseman)
Barbara Lewis, "Hello Stranger" (Moonlight)
Rachel Bloom, "You Stupid Bitch" (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend)
Kate McKinnon, "Hallelujah" (SNL)
Belinda Carlisle, "Heaven is a Place on Earth" (Black Mirror)

Aimee F Goes to the Tape

Most Essential Album: Various Artists, The Hamilton Mixtape.

And then my top 5 singles:

Beyonce, Formation (best video too!)
Leonard Cohen, You Want It Darker
Sia, Cheap Thrills
Rihanna, Work
DNCE, Cake By the Ocean (I think this may technically have been a ’15 release, but I heard it for the first time in ’16, maybe because I’m #old?)

Roberto R Gains Kontrol

Kristin Kontrol, X-Communicate

I have a feeling I'm going to be the ONLY person with that one.

Kathleen P Ades and Abets

Beyonce, Lemonade OF COURSE

Otherwise essential:
Blood Orange, Freetown Sound
Sia, This is Acting
Anderson .Paak, Malibu
Solange, A Seat at the Table
Kanye West, The Life of Pablo

Maya M Goes in Formation

No contest.

Beyoncé, Lemonade
Recommended listening space: anytime, anywhere, for any occasion. No other music from 2016 matters. 

However, IF other music from 2016 did matter I would say:

The Avett Brothers, True Sadness
Recommended listening space: a hammock, preferably near water. If a hammock is unavailable, a horse pasture will do.

Watsky, x Infinity
I had the same experience with x Infinity that I did with every album he’s ever released. I listened to it once and thought it was terrible. I listened a second time and found it tolerable. I listened a third time and was awash in the feeling that he is a true genius and national treasure. Recommended listening space: walking in Manhattan.

Jukebox the Ghost, Long Way Home
My favorite live album from this year. A guaranteed good time.
Recommended listening space: driving along a highway, outside of rush hour

A 2015 album I found in January of 2016:
Mipso, Old Time Reverie
When you’re in Kentucky it just feels right to listen to Mipso. When you’re far away it reminds you of home. Recommended listening space: a forested area AND/OR Rabbit Hash, KY, a town where the mayor is a democratically elected dog.

Jinny W Brings it Bach to Us

Most Essential Album:

*MURRAY PERAHIA: BACH—THE FRENCH SUITES. Deutsche Grammophon. In some ways Bach is the father of us all, and Murray Perahia lets the music narrate our tragedy, our solace, our joy.

Other Essential Albums:

*JOSHUA BELL, STEVEN ISSERLIS, JEREMY DENK AND THE ACADEMY OF ST. MARTIN IN THE FIELDS: FOR THE LOVE OF BRAHMS. Sony Classical.  Potent music-making by colleagues who continue to surprise one another in light and shadow.  Try to keep your heart from breaking.

*DANIIL TRIFONOV: TRANSCENDENTAL: DANIIL TRIFONOV PLAYS FRANZ LISZT. Deutsche Grammophon. The complete concert études. Virtuosic and introspective power and flow. And he’s only  25 years old.

*SHIRLEY HUNT, BAROQUE CELLO & VIOLA DA GAMBA: J.S. BACH SUITES & SONATAS, VOLUME ONE. Letterbox Arts. A versatile, adventurous Baroque cellist whose chops and musical grace illuminate each performance.

Keirsten G is Feeling Swell

It’s hard to find a whole album that I like but dug up a few:
Swell, theres still us EP
James Blake, The Colour of Anything
Moderat, III
Sango, Hours Spent Loving You
Who likes electronic music?! I do! : )

Amanda M Picks a Lemon

Beyoncé, Lemonade
Mitski, Puberty 2

Things Can Only Get Better, Bill K

Here to add my two cents, knowing for certain that my top pick will get just the one vote. But hey, this is America, and it's still a Democracy (we think).

Top Album: Better/Haley Reinhart

Other Essential Albums: 
We Got It from Here.../A Tribe Called Quest
Esperanza Spalding/Emily's D+Evolution
In Case You Didn't Know/Rhonda Ross

Top 10 Singles:
10. All In the Name/Bright Light Bright Light
9. You Say/Dori Freeman
8. All We Ever Knew/The Head and the Heart
7. Better/Haley Reinhart
6. Make Me Like You/Gwen Stefani
5. We the People/A Tribe Called Quest
4. Love Yourself/Justin Bieber
3. All I Want/Rhonda Ross
2. Can't Stop the Feeling/Justin Timberlake
1. I Belong to You/Haley Reinhart

Drew L Takes it to the River

Great year for music, if nothing else...

1. Okkervil River, Away
2. Conor Oberst, Ruminations
3. Carseat Headrest, Teens of Denial
4. John K. Samson, Winter Wheat
5. Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam, I Had a Dream That You Were Mine
6. Ezra Furman, Big Fugitive Life
7. AJJ, The Bible 2
8. Parquet Courts, Human Performance

Brian M Climbs Every Mountain

Here's my annual contribution of albums most contributors couldn't care less about :)

Most Essential
Black Mountain, IV

Other Essential:
Goat, Requiem
Howlong Wolf, Owl
Jack White, Acoustic Recordings 1998 - 2016
Sivert Hoyem, Lioness
Jim James, Eternally Even
Rolling Stones, Blue & Lonesome
Woodpigeon, Trouble
Yeasayer, Amen and Goodbye
The Besnard Lakes, A Coliseum Complex Museum
Korn, The Serenity of Suffering
Woods, City Sun Eater in the River of Light
Pete Doherty, Hamburg Demonstrations
The Jayhawks, Paging Mr. Proust
Ryley Walker, Golden Sings That Have Been Sung
The Coral, Distance Inbetween
Emma Ruth Rundle, Marked for Death
Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Getaway

Andy M Goes Blonde

1. Frank Ocean, Blonde

What can I say about this one that hasn’t already been said? If the entire album consisted of “Nikes” it would still probably be my #1 for 2016. Thankfully there are like 15 more tracks.

2. Deftones, Gore

I don’t know how these guys did it, but this—their eighth album—might be their best. Or at least tied with White Pony. Triangles placed in your mind, indeed...

3. Katatonia, The Fall of Hearts

This sounds a little bit like Nick Drake fronting a melodic Swedish metal band. Melancholy and punishing in roughly equal measure. Something for everybody!

Josh L in a Drive-By

Most essential:

Drive-By Truckers, American Band

Honorable Mentions:

Babymetal, Metal Resistence
Neil Young, Peace Trail

Elizabeth K Keeps Dreaming

Laura Mvula, The Dreaming Room
Josephine, Portrait
Michael Kiwanuka, Love & Hate

Tiffany S Goes from A/B to A/B

Looking through my playlists, my year has been low on new music and high on lullabies. 

Kaleo, A/B
Catfish and the Bottlemen, The Ride
Hamilton Mixtape
Moana soundtrack :) 

“Fire Escape” - Andrew McMahon In the Wilderness
"All the Pretty Girls” -” Kaleo
“Take it All Back” - Judah and the Lion
“Closer” - Chainsmokers
“Spirits” - Strumbellas
“Lungs” - Vancouver Sleep Clinic
“7” - Catfish and the Bottlemen

Uada See Chris K’s List

Here you go, sir.

Album of the year: Uada, Devoid of Light

The Lot:
2. Rebel Wizard, Triumph of Gloom
3. Ghoul, Dungeon Bastards
4. Kehmmis, Hunted
5. Not Blood Paint, Believing Is Believing
6. Tombs, All Empires Fall
7. Brutally Deceased, Satanic Corpse
8. Ravencult, Force of Profanation
9. Sumac, What One Becomes
10. Mortem, Deinos Nekromantis

Best Single of 2016:
Ghost, "Square Hammer"

Best Album Art of 2016:
Lectern, Precept of Delator

Blake N’s Rising Empire

Oh I only have one album:
Two Vines, Empire of the Sun

One single:
Starboy, The Weeknd

One late discovery:
The National ( I know I know)

Bryant P’s Ocean Playlist

Here's my list:

1) Frank Ocean, Blonde
2) Bon Iver, 22, A Million
3) Glass Animals, How to Be a Human Being
4) Whitney, Light Upon the Lake
5) Solange, A Seat at the Table
6) James Blake, The Colour in Anything
7) Car Seat Headrest, Teens of Denial

Brant R Goes Through Hoops

My Essential Albums of 2016:
Hoops/EP, Tape #2, and Tape #3
Frankie Cosmos/Next Thing
Britta Phillips/Luck or Magic
Eleanor Friedberger/New View
Kevin Morby/Singing Saw
Kamaiyah/A Good Night In The Ghetto
Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam/I Had a Dream That You Were Mine
TV Girl/Who Really Cares
William Tyler/Modern Country
Tegan and Sara/Love You to Death
Benji Hughes/Songs in the Key of Animals

My Essential Tracks of 2016 (in mix order):
De La Soul/Exodus (Outro)
Hoops/Going Strong
Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam/Sick as a Dog
Frankie Cosmos/Fool
Anderson .Paak/Celebrate
Eleanor Friedberger/A Long Walk
Britta Phillips/Drive
Anohni/Drone Bomb Me
Kamaiyah/I'm On (Prod. by Drew Banga)
Tegan and Sara/Boyfriend
TV Girl/(Do the) Act Like You Never Met Me
Justin Timberlake/Can't Stop the Feeling!
The Avalanches/Subways
Kool A.D./Rest in Power Dr. Sebi
Frank Ocean/White Ferrari
Belle and Sebastian/Olympic Village, 6AM
Benji Hughes/Longshot
Kevin Morby/Drunk and on a Star
Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein/Stranger Things
A Tribe Called Quest/The Space Program

Elder Albums I Found Essential in 2016:
The Carpenters/A Song for You [1972]
Buddy Miles/Them Changes [1970]
Three Dog Night/The Complete Hit Singles [1969-1975]
Patterson Hood/Heat Lightning Rumbles in the Distance [2012]
Daryl Hall & John Oates/Daryl Hall & John Oates [1975]
Brett Dennen/Loverboy [2014]
Junior Wells/Hoodoo Man Blues [1965]
Beach Fossils/Beach Fossils [2010]
Stereolab/Transient Random-Noise Bursts With Announcements [1993]
Buffalo Springfield/Buffalo Springfield [1966]
Toto/Toto [1978] (love isn’t always on time)

Derek M Peeks Out of His Cave

Most Essential Album:
-Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Skelton Tree

Other albums of note:
-Bon Iver, 22, A Million
-Leonard Cohen, You Want It Darker
-Mitski, Puberty 2
-Car Seat Headrest, Teens of Denial

Most essential songs:
-Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, “I Need You” and “Distant Sky”

Iain S Feels it in His Soul

My 2016 new stuff consumption has been tracks rather than albums, mostly. I give you (ahem)...:

De La Soul ( feat Snoop Dogg), Pain

Vince Staples, Senorita

Mr Fingers, Outer Acid

Rae Sremmurd, Black Beatles

Arabrot, The Gospel

Ultimate Painting, Bills

Warpaint, New Song

DJ Koze, Burn With Me

Not much use, and straining for corroboration from your other pollsters perhaps. 

Adam G Goes Gaga

Lady Gaga, Joanne! I wish I could vote for it three times!!!

Preeti C, On a Hai

Can't wait to see what bubbles up to the top!
1. Various Artists, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil soundtrack 
2. Various Artists, Hamilton Mixtape 
3. Riz MC, Englistan
4. Beyonce, Lemonade
5. Michael Giacchino, Rogue One Soundtrack

1. Pritam, Amit Mishra, & Shilpa Rao, Bulleya 
2. Beyonce, Freedom
3. K'naan, Snow Tha Product, Riz Mc, & Residente, Immigrants (We Get the Job Done)
4. Bruno Mars, 24K Magic

And random oldie but goodie I rediscovered and did not stop listening to in 2016:
1. Duran Duran, Ordinary World

Bill C’s Song Song Blue

#1  Lila Blue, The Hollows Hold the Healing
Ray LaMontagne, Ouroboros
Bon Iver, 22, A Million
Lady Gaga, Joanne
The Weekend, Starboy
Sia, This is Acting
Justin Bieber, Purpose

Andy P’s Belated Invasion of Troye

I’m the worst with these… um… and I’d nominate Troye Sivan, Blue Neighbourhood, but it apparently came out in December of 2015, so I’m terrible.

Emmanuel H Sets the Table

My faves from 2016:

Solange, A Seat at the Table
Banks, The Altar
Ariana Grande, Dangerous Woman
Britney Spears, Glory
Rihanna, ANTI
Angel Olsen, MY WOMAN

Marisa P Waves Good-Bey

Beyoncé, Lemonade  (OBVI)

 Bon Iver, 22,  A Million
Sia, This is Acting
John Paul White, Beulah

Charlie O’s Late Bloomer

Essential Album of the Year: Beach House, Bloom 

Others: Little Dragon, Nabuma Rubberband
               Dead Flowers, Dead Flowers
               The War on Drugs, Slave Ambient
               The National, Trouble Will Find Me
               Leonard Cohen, Songs of Leonard Cohen
               Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Architecture and Morality

Non-music thing that gives me life: This guy’s review of Patti Labelle’s Sweet Potato Pie: (I want to love anything as much as this guy loves Patti Labelle)

Teri Y’s B-Side Himself with Emotion

I went through my music from 2016 and was a little shocked to discover I had only bought one complete album: Carly Rae Jepsen, Emotion Side B
Plenty of other good music from Sia, Tegan & Sara among others, but I guess CRJ wins my pick for album by default. :-)

Jasper D Knows What He Wants and He Wants It NAO

Most essential album of 2016: NAO, For All We Know

My other very essential albums:

Daughter, Not To Disappear
Poliça, United Crushers
Beyoncé, Lemonade
Keaton Henson, Kindly Now
Bon Iver, 22, A Million

My best discovery:

Benjamin Clementine, At Least For Now (2014)

Kaleb N’s Acting Lessons

Best Album
Sia, This Is Acting

Honorable Mentions
Lady Gaga, Joanne
Ariana Grande, Dangerous Woman

Best Artwork
Young Thug, Jeffery (I haven’t heard it but the art is 2016’s best)
Flume, Skin

Kate H’s First Ade

1) Beyonce, Lemonade
2) Bon Iver, 22, A Million
3) Phantogram, Three
4) Tegan and Sara, Love You To Death
5) Sturgill Simpson, A Sailor's Guide to Earth

Ronnie A Drives it Like She Stole It

My "alternative facts" soundtracks from 2016:

Gary Clark, "Drive It Like You Stole It," Sing Street
[Robbed of an Oscar nomination for best song, and yeah, I'm looking at you, La La Land]
Mica Levi, Jackie
Danny Bensi and Saunder Jurriaans, Christine
Nicholas Britell, Moonlight
Anne Dudley, Elle
Mark Korven, The Witch
[I dare you to listen to the track "Witch's Coven" while you are alone.]
Jo Yeong-wook, The Handmaiden
Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, Hell or High Water
Jóhann Jóhannsson, Arrival
And finally, a song written ten years ago but was performed Off-Broadway this year and should be mandatory listening today:
Anaïs Mitchell, "Why We Build the Wall" sung by the cast of Hadestown

Lindsay R, Yuri Tops the Jury

I have been trying for two weeks to make a list, but I honestly don't care about anything except the Yuri On Ice soundtrack.

And yes, that's my real answer. >.>

Sia Later, Corey W

I'm just TOO behind on music for this year's list.  But I can't wait to see it anyway and have a soundtrack for surviving the apocalypse. 

PS: Sia's This is Acting would be at the top of mine. :) 

Tyler G Takes the Lemons He’s Been Given And…

My List:

1. Beyonce, Lemonade
2. Mitski, Puberty 2
3. Frank Ocean, Blonde
4. Margaret Glaspy, Emotions and Math

For Jonathan V. III’s the Charm

I seriously didn't realize that my favorite two albums of the year both had the same name (or that their name...was a number) until just now:

1. Moderat, III
2. Miike Snow, iii
3. Anderson Paak, Malibu
4. Angel Olsen, My Woman
5. Beyoncé, Lemonade
6. Mirage, Digitalism
7. The Avalanches, Wildflower
8. Omni, NAVVI
9. Frank Ocean, Blonde
10. Radiohead, A Moon Shaped Pool

Biggest discoveries from "the past":

The Chameleons, Script of the Bridge - They were playing this band over the sound system at the Cobra Club and I asked the bartender (who was in her 20s) "What band is this?" Well, I am apparently zoned for this band agewise, because she totally looked at me like I'd asked her if she knew what city we were in. Then I mentioned this band to someone my age at work, and when I told him I'd never heard of them he gave me the same look. This particular album, "Script of the Bridge," rewards repeated listens, and makes dourness feel like something that carries bragging rights--though when carried like this, it totally does.

Fleetwood Mac, Tusk - I wanted to hear this one because it's so infamous: the not-so-well-liked follow-up to one of the most popular albums of all time. But unlike a lot of other misunderstood experimental recordings, this is strong stuff, and fun. It's also far enough ahead of its time to have, by now, actually arrived. (You really have to do your homework to tell why it was ever considered weird to begin with.) I wound up listening to it for like a month. One spin of "Sisters of the Moon" and YES WE CAN have nice things...

Michael T Gives it a Headrest

My album of the year is Car Seat Headrest, "Teens of Denial"

Followed by Rihanna, "Anti"

Song of the year would have to be "Black Beatles" by Rae Sremmurd, no contest. 

Chris R’s Solange, Farewell

1. Solange, A Seat at the Table
2. Bon Iver, 22 A Million
3. Beyonce, Lemonade
4. SALES, Sales Lp
5. Lumineers, Cleopatra

Christopher P Has Something on His Conscious

Look forward to participating every year.  Here's what I got for 2016:

Broods, Conscious
Lucius, Good Grief
El Perro Del Mar, KoKoro
Anohni, Hopelessness
Mayer Hawthorne, Man About Town
Sia, This Is Acting
Roisin Murphy, Take Her Up To Monto
Garbage, Strange Little Birds
Teddy Thompson & Kelly Jones, Little Windows
Ladyhawke, Wild Things

Elizabeth W, Sitting on the Dock of the Bey

Such a weird year…

Essential Album
Beyonce, Lemonade
Tribe Called Quest, We Got it From Here…Thank You 4 Your Service
Radiohead, Moon Shaped Pool
Solange, Seat at the Table

Beyonce, Formation

Nick E, in the Gloaming

Unfortunately, I didn’t find much new music I loved in 2016. Even Bon Iver, whose previous albums are among my favorites, didn’t win me over this time. In truth my favorite album of this year was LAST year’s Carrie & Lowell by Sufjan Stevens. I listened to it at least once a week in 2016.

I’ve got high hopes for 2017, already loving the singles from upcoming Magnetic Fields and Slowdive albums.

Here’s what I liked OK this year:

1.     The Gloaming, 2
2.     Conor Oberst, Ruminations
3.     Minor Victories, Minor Victories

Favorite new song:

Minor Victories, “Scattered Ashes (Song for Richard)”

Favorite new song to dance to:

Ariana Grande, “Into You”

And favorite new song from a movie soundtrack:

Sing Street, “Drive It Like You Stole It”

Maggie S Gives It Her Very Best

My Top 12 2016 Singles with The Most Plays:

1. "Don't Let Me Down (feat. Daya)" - The Chainsmokers
2. "Boomerang" - She is We
3. "Baby Moses" - Joden Klassen
4. "Choke" - OneRepublic 
5. "Empty" - PVRIS
6. "Undertow" - Satchmode
7. "Life Itself" - Glass Animals
8. "Team" - Iggy Azalea
9. "Gerson's Whistle" - Yeasayer
10. "Hope" - Jordan Max
11. "River" - Bishop
12. "Breakin' Point" - Peter Bjorn and John

Top 2016 Albums

Mumford & Sons, The Very Best, & Baaba Maal - Johannesburg
(If you don't feel something when "Si Tu Veux" plays, you have no feelings left).

SAFIA, Internal
(this collects all of their really punchy singles into one place, finally)

Tove Lo, Lady Wood
(yeah, yeah, I know, me and everyone else)

Lawrence U, Wrking for the Weeknd

Top 10 Albums of 2016

25 – Adele  (from last year)
Starboy - The Weeknd 
Waitress (Original Broadway Cast Recording)
The Color Purple (New Broadway Cast Recording)
It Doesn't Have To Make Sense - Ingrid Michaelson
Signs of Light - The Head and the Heart

Hello - Adele
Water Under The Bridge - Adele
Hell No - Ingrid Michaelson
I’m Here - Cynthia Erivo
Starboy - The Weekend
You Matter to Me - Waitress Original Broadway Cast
Reminder - Starboy
All We Ever Knew - The Head and the Heart

John A Goes West (Is Life Peaceful There?)

1. Kanye West, The Life of Pablo
2. Band of Horses, Why Are You Ok
3. Diiv, Is the Is Are
4. Radiohead, A Moon Shaped Pool
5. A Tribe Called Quest, We got it from Here...Thank You 4 Your service
6. Rogue Wave, Delusions of Grand Fur
7. Preoccupations, Preoccupations 
8. Frank Ocean, Blonde
9. Parquet Courts, Human Performance
10. Twenty One Pilots, TOPxMM

Billy M’s Daddy Said Shoot

Here are my top albums of 2016!

1. Lemonade by Beyonce
2. Ego Death by The Internet
3. Everything Is Burning by IAMX
4. The Altar by Banks
5. Waitress (Original Cast Recording)

Other contenders: 
Human Ceremony by Sunflower Bean
A Moon Shaped Pool by Radiohead

Late to the game discoveries / obsessions:
Let England Shake by PJ Harvey
Heavy Starch by Dirty Art Club

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